Services : Social services and its activities

  • 1. Preventing farmers from committing suicide by debt, raising awareness among farmers and propagating brochures.
  • 2. To distribute coconut saplings, nut saplings and other seedlings (Rs 5 crore) to the poor farmers of the state.
  • 3. Establishment of Cloth and Envelope Distribution Program for poor farmers of the state.
  • 4. Free medical check-up and free treatment / drug delivery program for poor destitute patients in the state.
  • 5. Providing assistance facilities for disabled poor children in the state rural poor farmer.
  • 6. Pratibha will be awarded to students of the rural poor of the state / poor students.
  • 7. If the families of poor families of the state are in a very difficult situation, they will be able to hold financial assistance programs.

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Rajya Raitha Bachao Foundation Trust (R)

State Bank of India
Current Ac. No : 37556736806
IFSC : SBIN0040513
Nandini layout Branch, Bengaluru

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