Rajya Raitha Foundation (R.)

Stop suicide by farmer's debt burden.

State farmers are recovering from a continuous debt crisis. The reason is that the agricultural farmer has suffered a loss. Farmers are faced with persistent famine. This is due to the loss of overdose and deterioration. The result of the crop is not getting into the hands of the poor. Everyone is a people who struggle with happiness. Though rice farmers are constantly committing suicide, no one is paying attention to that.

  • Farmers can not afford to farm their land and help them with the help of cooperative banks and moisture, tube wells, loss of water, and family transmittance. The situation has worsened. Our peasants have gone virgin without the momentum. The borrowers of the debtors can not afford. This has led to a lot of farmer suicides.
  • Farmers need to bring new farming practices. Companies have the same price as the state they have made. Similarly, for every farmer grown crop it should have the same price.
  • Study survey will be conducted in 29,736 villages for farmers' problems and debt. Farmers have the courage and power of thinking. As far as farmers are concerned, our concern is rising.